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EyeBenefits has been Promoting Vision Welless and Offering
Discounted Vision Products and Services for Over 20 Years!

YOUR EyeBenefits Standard Discount Vision Program

Entitles you and your family to receive discounts on eye exams and eyewear from:

  • Independent Optical Locations selected for this standard program
  • Receive savings off the usual and customary fees by presenting your EyeBenefits Membership Card at any participating EyeBenefits Provider

How Does the EyeBenefits Standard Discount Vision Program Work for You!
Saving on vision care is easy, just follow these steps:
  • Go to an EyeBenefits participating optical location, which are listed under the "Find Optical Locations" tab.
  • Prior to purchase, present your EyeBenefits Membership Card and receive your discounts. Pay the optical location directly as there are no forms or claims to submit.




Eye Exams

10% t0 30% off the usual and customary fee
Frames 15% to 50% off the retail price
Lenses 15% to 30% off the retail price

For SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS, UPGRADE today from your standard program to the
Expanded Discount Vision Program (EDVP)!

When you UPGRADE from your current Discount Vision Program to the Expanded Discount Vision Program (EDVP), EyeBenefits EDVP Members and their families receive up to 20-50% savings on eye exams, eyewear, contact lenses, LASIK procedures, eye care prescriptions, and 35-65%on hearing products and services. The EDVP Provider Network is expanded to over 12,000 optical and LASIK locations nationwide.

EyeBenefits SAVINGS Program Comparison

Expanded Discount Vision Program

Your Current Standard Discount
Vision Program


Optical Locations:

As an EDVP Member, over 12,000 optical locations including Independent, Regional, and National Chain Locations are available to you.

LASIK Procedures:

An additional 800 plus LASIK Locations available where EyeBenefits EDVP Members can save 15% to 50% off the national average.

Online Contact Lenses:

EyeBenefits EDVP Members receive everyday low pricing, an additional 10% off their order and free standard shipping with no minimum required.

EPIC Hearing Products and Services:

EyeBenefits EDVP Members can save 35% - 65% on all hearing products and services.



Optical Locations:

2,200 Independent Optical

LASIK Procedures:
Over 850 QualSight LASIK
Locations Available


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